Jodie Verhulst – MSDRIFT


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. With the introduction of motorbikes at the age of 2 Jodie was an early developer in the adrenalin junky scheme of things. Jodie contributes her passion for speed to her surroundings and experiences growing up with her father Pete being a mechanic by trade and her ‘petrol head’ older brother Mike unknowingly influencing her towards her current state. Jodie grew up in a small farming district located in Northland NZ, a place where driving on gravel roads was an everyday occurrence, this of course gave Jodie and Michael every opportunity to get into trouble with anything involving a motor and wheels. Soon enough Jodie had learnt to drive these gravel roads and would often be caught powersliding the corners much to the neighbours’ horror. She credits a lot of her skills to her early years of “experimenting” with cars.

In 2008 at the age of 20 Jodie got her first legitimate taste of drifting as we know it while attending a Drift Motorsport track day she was given an opportunity to drive her boyfriend Drew Donovan’s S13 Silvia for a lap and that was it! She was hooked! Jodie immediately set out to sell her daily driving car and soon after picked up her first Nissan Skyline 20DET. This was setup on cut suspension and a shimmed diff to learn the ropes of drifting – the hard way I might add, that road cars don’t make for good track cars! (Thanks Meremere Armco) The skyline was sold and Jodie brought a tow vehicle and a Nissan Cefiro 20DET. The Cefiro was a great ‘drift hack’ to learn in and over time both the car and her skills developed.

Car:   Toyota Supra JZA86
Engine:  2JZ
Gearbox:   T56 6spd gearbox
Clutch:   Exceedy 5 puk, lightweight flywheel
Exhaust:   Custom twin scroll manifold, three inch exhaust
Fuel:   Bosh 044
ECU:   Link Extreme and wiring loom
Suspention: Hakon Racing Coilovers, Chicken Fab custom suspension arms
Other: Eight point roll cage  fabricated by Jodies big bro, Custom hydraulic handbrake
Team:    Team DMNZ
Residence:    Tauranga New Zealand
Born:   14/01/1988
Goals:   TO WIN!!